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Psychomotor vigilance task

Vigilance Buddy 1.56

The App for conducting Psychomotor Vigilance Tests

Stroop effect

Stroop Buddy 1.21

The App for conducting Stroop Tests


Vigilance Study
by Research Buddies

Vigilance Buddy is based on the ‘psychomotor vigilance task (PVT)’ which measures the speed of which users respond to the given visual stimulus.

Stroop Buddy is based on the ‘Stroop Test,’ measuring response time to color-word conflicts and demonstrating cognitive flexibility.

Stroop effect
Customize Settings

Maximum flexibility

Edit the number of rounds per test, maximum time between tap and start of the timer and much more.


Result analysis

Collect & Send the results directly to your personal email address.

User friendly design
With our focus on usability the application can be used easily by anyone. Because of this it doesn’t matter if your subjects are digital natives or people with zero to none tablet experience.
Stroop effect & Psychomotor vigilance task
Psychomotor Vigilance Test
Export functions

Easy Export

Select all of yours tests or a subset to easily export to a .CSV file.


Favorite apps

Export the .CSV file through your email, WhatsApp, Slack or any other favorite app.

Happy researchers.

When preparing my experiment for a social science thesis I definitely needed a research buddy. A critical component for my experiment was to accurately measure the psychomotor vigilance of my subjects. Luckily I found Research Buddies and I passed my thesis with flying colors.

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